Solar Panels

We have all been alarmed at the constantly increasing energy costs that seem to be going up almost monthly! Why not let Fife Joinery Services install solar panels on your home to vastly reduce your energy usage. Solar panel installations are now a lot cheaper than when the technology was first introduced due to solar panels being manufactured for less cost. Solar systems also last a lot longer nowadays and we can also change your inverter when it’s required (normal life expectancy is 25 years!).

Solar Panels

We provide the full solar panel installation service. We can advise on how to reduce your energy bills and stop your reliance on expensive energy providers. There are a number of solar options available to you. We are committed to helping home-owners reduce their carbon footprint and also save money in the process. The solution we will offer you will be tailored to the size of your roof and your budget. Some customers also opt for a solar storage battery to be installed making their investment even more efficient.

Depending on the solar installation there may also be an opportunity to feed back in to the National Grid and earn money from selling the excess energy your setup produces. It all starts with getting in touch with us to discuss your opportunity so why not contact us right now?

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