Dormer windows are extremely useful in providing additional head-height in otherwise cramped spaces. They are ideal for loft conversions or a house that doesn’t extend to two full storeys. We can design and build a dormer for you and, in most cases, there isn’t any planning permission required.


We can build any type of dormer that you require. The most common form is a gable fronted dormer – which has a simple pitched roof sloping to two sides. We can also build shed dormers with a single flat plane roof, or a hipped dormer – which slopes on three planes and converges at one point. Or a stylish eyebrow dormer with a curved roof and no sides.

Whatever type of dormer style you would like we can design and build it for you. A dormer looks stylish and adds appeal to your home as well as adding space and headroom.

Nowadays many homeowners are turning to loft conversions and loft extensions to create more living space and add value to their home. Dormers are an excellent and relatively inexpensive way to add headroom and light to an upper storey and can help when converting a loft into an additional bathroom, an extra bedroom, an office or simply more living space.

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