Key Safes (Installation/Repair)

How safe are external key safes?

A key safe is a very strong metal box that is normally mounted on the outside of your property near the main door but out of sight of passers-by. It’s a way of securely storing your keys outside and in a very convenient location without worrying about a potential break-in. The box is opened by means of an access code that only you and other people you entrust have access to.

This allows your keys to be retrieved and your property accessed in the case of an emergency. It also allows you to access your keys if you find yourself locked out of your property without the expense and possible damage that comes with calling a locksmith to help you re-enter your home.

Most police forces recommend key safes as a very secure way to allow trusted people access to the key for your home. It is recommended that you fit key safes that have the “Secured by Design” logo and approval. This ensures that you are installing the very best key safe you can buy – remember – this small box contains the keys to your home!

…remember – this small box contains the keys to your home!

Historically people used to hide door keys under door mats. Unfortunately, in the modern world, this is extremely foolhardy and will never offer you peace of mind. There are plenty of other options available such as fake rocks and fake plant pots, placing it high up hidden in the eaves or on a piece of string accessible by reaching inside the letterbox. Unfortunately for all these previous methods, the burglars are also well aware of them and know exactly what they are looking for when they fix their sights on a property.

That’s why a key safe is such a great solution. It offers supreme protection against all but the most determined thief whilst also offering convenience to the people trusted with the combination. It is advised that key safes are as hidden as they can be whilst also ensuring that anyone tampering with it would be visible to passers-by.

We can supply and fit key safes on to your property and will ensure that all the guidelines are met. We will show you how to set your own combination so that even our tradespeople will not have access to the contents of your safe..

We can supply and fit key safes on to your property.

A professionally fitted key safe can help carers and emergency workers easy access to you, or your loved ones, property. It means that you can safely leave a key knowing that nobody can access it other than the people you give the combination to. We are able to fit key safes that you have sourced yourself, but are also able to supply our own secure key safes for your home.

We can also offer an emergency ‘same day’ installation service. So, if you want a key safe fitting that day, simply get in touch and we’ll make sure that it’s done. Our installation engineers work professionally at all times and we do not need access to your property in order to install a key safe so you can rest assured that will be no mess and no fuss.

Why not give us a call or get in touch through this website and we’ll happily give you a quote for installation of a key safe on your home in Fife and the surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you.


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